Bee Harmony ~ Offering BREATH, BALANCE, & FOCUS… The fundamentals of BEING

Bee Harmony ~ Offering BREATH, BALANCE, & FOCUS… The fundamentals of BEING

May 20th, 2023
Join us on World Bee Day May 20th, for a Community Celebration Gathering πŸ₯°πŸ’“πŸ˜Š A full day charity event dedicated to www.BeeLife.Global

100% net ticket proceeds will be donated to www.BeeLife.Global, a Yayasan based in Bali, creating global awareness on living in harmony with our beloved Bees 🐝🐝🐝
Let the Bee consciousness guide us gracefully into the new earth 🐝🌏🐝
Direct booking at Dragonfly Village WA +62-859-3388-1999 @ Rp275k Presale till 6pm 19th May
Ticket at the door Rp350k

Presale tickets purchased before will qualify for a lucky draw – 2 Oracle Dinner at Merlin’s Magic worth Rp880k and 2×1.5hr Light Sound Vibration session by Laurent & Taori at Pyramids of Chi valued at Rp1m each

Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner on order from 7.30 am – 9 pm
Get your tickets HERE

Morning herbal steam & refreshing salt water pool
Kriya Yoga – A prayer to our Earth Mother (Candice Halliday)
Removing obstacles to our natural state of being by going through the body (Phil Hurle)
Functional Mobility: Posture, Stretch, Breath, Feel and Be – An Alternative to Yoga (Phil Hurle)
Somatic Breath Trauma Release (Nirmoha Sironic)
Gong Ceremony (Anna Sohana)
Inner Dance and Sound Healing Reconnecting Journey (Marta FarrΓ©)
Healing from the Hive – Living with Bees (BLG Bee man Yan)
Know your own body nature, lead a healthy smooth life with Ayurveda
Kirtan (El Dama)
Medicine Songs (Kirsty Ka & Immanuel)
Evening herbal steam sauna around the bonfire
Yummy lucky draw gift !!

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