The Astrology of Destiny with Kaypacha

The Astrology of Destiny with Kaypacha

November 24th – December 1st, 2023
Join Kaypacha for a week of not only looking into your soul’s past to discover your personal history, gifts, strengths, and challenges, but your future soul intentions, i.e., purpose for incarnating at this time on earth. We will use Rahu, the north node of the Moon, the Ascendant, and other points in your chart to nourish, guide, and empower you to new heights of awareness and meaning.

The most powerful symbols that Evolutionary Astrology uses to enlighten us as to our past lives and future soul destiny are Pluto, the Moon’s nodes Rahu (north) and Ketu (south), and the Moon herself. The sign, house, and aspects to Pluto in your natal horoscope tell us where your soul has been in previous lifetimes, what you have been working on, and where you are picking up this lifetime. Ketu, the south node of the Moon, tells us how you faired, implemented, and applied that soul knowledge. Considered the ”job” you had, it informs us what work/relationships have been done, not done, or need re-doing. Lastly, the Moon, considered the “character,” says where we are most comfortable, knowledgeable, and secure.
We do not incarnate alone, at a random time, or accidentally. The current transits of Pluto and the Moon’s nodes tell us what the collective conscious and unconscious human soul intentions are also! We are in an intense time of collective transformation with Pluto transiting into Aquarius from March of 2023 to November of 2024 for the first time since the late 1700’s. We will also examine where this transit, along with the recent transit of the Moon’s nodes from Taurus/Scorpio into Aries/Libra falls in your personal chart to give you foreknowledge of what lies ahead.
A week of astrology, Kundalini yoga, pranayama, and sound journey with a sacred water cleansing/blessing at Sebatu, swimming at the Sekumpul waterfall, climbing Mount Batur (for sunrise), and a final integration day on a white sandy beach, this retreat will change your life. We will bring together our inner soul nature with mother nature, and, creating a strong group container with meditation, herbal steam saunas, delicious food and more, call in Spirit guidance to manifest love, joy, peace, and power in our lives. You will emerge a new, lighter, and refreshed version of yourself ready to not only take what comes but make some waves yourself!

$1,380 Super Early Bird until 21st August
$1,550 Early Bird until 15th Oct
$1,650 From 16th Oct
Single supplement $300 (limited availability)

– Airport pick up upon arrival
– 7 nights shared accommodation in Dragonfly Village (choose to be in 2-3-4 pax antique bungalows. First-come-first-served)
– Balinese dance performance with Welcome Dinner
– 3 healthy delicious vegetarian/vegan meals daily (except 1 lunch)
– Water cleansing and blessings with a Balinese priest
– Sound healing journey
– Full day trip to spectacular waterfalls in the north of Bali
– Early morning hike to Mt Batur for incredible sunrise
– Trip to a beautiful white sand beach with clear blue water (lunch on extra order)

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